FR/LAME MONGER BARON UEDA (hereinafter referred to as “this website”) fully understands the importance of protecting personal information and has put in place the following initiatives about all of the personal information that we will collect and use for business purposes.

1. Considering the acquisition of personal information

This website will collect personal information only by appropriate means through no deception or in an otherwise illegal manner.

2. Considering the usage of personal information

This website will only use personal information when necessary to achieve its purposes, such as answering estimate requests and sending documents, etc. When we use personal information for purposes other than the specified, we will obtain prior consent from its original holder.

3. Considering the safety management of personal information

This website will maintain necessary and appropriate safeguards to protect and secure personal information from disclosure, loss, and damage.

4. Considering the sharing of personal information

When this site entrusts a third party to handle part or all of the personal information, we will examine the third party strictly, and supervise it necessarily and appropriately to keep personal information confidential.

5. Considering the provision of personal information

Except as stipulated by the Protection of Personal Information Act and other laws, this site will not provide third parties with personal information without obtaining prior consent from its original holder.

6. Considering disclosure and correction of personal information

This website provides the personal information promptly when requested by its original holder of the information. In that case, we will not provide the personal information without the identification confirmation of its original holder. If there are any mistakes about the personal information and its original holder requests to correct, add or delete it, we will respond those requests immediately after investigation. In case of that, we will not respond those requests without the identification confirmation of its original holder. If you have any request or inquiry about our handling of personal information above, please contact us at the following.
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7. Revision of this policy

The contents of this policy may be revised. Revision of this policy shall become effective when posted on this website unless otherwise determined by the website.

FR/LAME MONGER BARON UEDA(以下、「当サイト」)は、個人情報保護の重要性を踏まえ、業務上取得・利用する全ての個人情報について、以下の取り組みを実施しております。

1. 個人情報の取得について


2. 個人情報の利用について


3. 個人情報の安全管理について


4. 個人情報の委託について


5. 個人情報の第三者提供について


6. 個人情報の開示・訂正等について


7. 本方針の変更